Dr. Gabor Nemeth
Member of the Board of LOSZ
1st place by popular vote
People's Choice Award

Designer portrait:
Dr. Gabor Nemeth has always been drawn to esthetics and beauty. As a child he wanted to be a designer, though (not having any design school at that time in Hungary) he graduated on the Medical University. You may say it's a far reach, but both have something in common: the needs of maximum empathy and problem solving skills as well as reliability and excellent communication.

Working as a sales & marketing manager for an American company over a decade Gabor was fortunate to travel the World. Visiting several states of the USA, most countries in Europe and also the African continent gave him the vision and experience he can utilize now as an Interior Designer, for the benefit of his clients.

Though he's best known by designing "American-influenced" interiors, he's as well at home in the contemporary styles of minimal and retro, or even in the ethnically (Asian-African) biased spaces.

His publications appear in several Interior Design Magazines as well an on the LOSZ (Association of Hungarian Interior Designers) web-pages:

In 2006 his unique style and dedication was appreciated by earning the "Interior Designer of the Year" by popular vote (People's Choice Award).

In 2009 he was elected to the Board of Association of Hungarian Interior Designers.

Blue-Loon Interior Design is his private company.

His Interior Designer Parner is: Agota Szentgyörgyi

Together they have visited many countries on several continents, from where they came home loaded with interior design ideas. Something that You can use in Your own Home.
While He is drawn to North America (USA/Canada) and became an expert on the American-style, She is more favouring the southern countries, such as Mexico - making their interior design style special. This is a vast heritage of different cultures and design styles, and it can be utilised for You. Being Europeans they can add a special flavour to it.
They work togerther in harmony and style. The masculin & feminin, the calm & exciting, the traditional & the revolutionary...
Their mutual work perfectly matches and complements eachother - thus satistfying their Clients.
Agota won the "ENTRANT INTERIOR DESIGNER OF THE YEAR - 2010" title, recently.

Together we form a winning team, honored with the title "The Interior Design Team of the Year - 2012"...

Take a chance and give us a call, we design your Home, Office, Restaurant, or any place You need a help for...

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